Meet Eileen Harkness


Eileen is from Alexandria, VA and is a country girl at heart. When she is not organizing your home she can be found teaching horseback riding lessons in Upper Marlboro, MD. An animal lover, Eileen spends her free time taking care of her two horses and two cats.


Before she started at Space Matters, she worked at a local veterinarian clinic. After reorganizing the entire clinic she realized that organizing was her true passion. A co-worker suggested she organize as a profession. Eileen joined the team at Space Matters and has proven that she is a natural. She is now one our strongest lead organizers.


She has a degree from George Washington University and actively studies the psychological advances made in hoarding research. She loves people and figuring out how to make her clients’ lives better is one of her favorite aspects of the job! Eileen attends all the ICD and NAPO conferences to advance her knowledge of the industry. She is on the path to become a Certified Professional Organizer and has proven to be quite an asset to the Space Matters family.


With her friendly and outgoing demeanor, Eileen will help you turn your home into a place that makes you happy!



Meet Karen Swain


Karen Swain has been organizing people for most of her life. Long before organizing consultants were recognized as a profession she was working in a chronically disorganized household. ‘My best friend had a disorganized home. We were eight, in third grade, when we started hanging out. We would usually hang out at her house because it was just so much more fun, interesting and alive. I can remember just itching to be let loose in the kitchen. I just wanted to put it in order.”


Karen has specialized in homes, home offices and paper since 1999.


Her pledge to you: “I will never, ever under any circumstances throw any of your stuff away. Working together we may decide based on your wants and needs to move some things to another location or out of the house.”


She can also help to stream-line areas that are just quietly driving you mad.


Karen has earned the designation of CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer). On April 25th, 2007 Karen joined almost 250 Professional Organizers gathered in one room to sit for the inaugural BCPO Examination for Certified Professional Organizers (BCPO). She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), her local NAPO Chapter (NAPO-WDC), where she was Director of Membership, 2008-2009 and NAPO’s Golden Circle, a prestigious designation available to NAPO members who have worked as a professional organizer for 5 or more years.


Karen was recertified as a CPO® in February 2011.


She continues her education in the organizing fields by expanding her knowledge to include the specializations of CD (June 08) and hoarding (September 2010, inaugural exam) by earning certificates through the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD).


Karen has enjoyed attending numerous conferences over the years on organizing, ADD, ADHD, Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization.



Meet Amanda Gayle


Amanda has lived in the Northern Virginia area her entire life. She comes from a big family with a lot of cousins. One of her favorite childhood memories was “picking up” after family get-togethers. Cleaning up wasn’t made to be a chore or task; but it was a fun time of working together, talking and laughing while they would get the house back together from the mess they had made!


As a young adult entering the work force, she felt the only way to success was

working in an office position but never felt happy in that environment. She

enjoyed keeping her home organized, and always thought that sharing her

knowledge and working in other peoples’ homes was something she wanted to

do. She was excited and eager to share this idea with others, and then one day

discovered Space Matters and the world of organizing!


Amanda enjoys all aspects of organizing, from small rooms and closets to

large basements, and yes, even the hoarding jobs! She finds joy in seeing the

difference she can make in someone’s life, no matter how big or small!



Meet Lauren Soper


Lauren was born and raised in the Fairfax, VA area. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her beloved dog, a Pug named Ernie.


For as long as she can remember, maintaining an organized lifestyle has been a priority, from filing systems to closets to pantries to basements – the list goes on! Organization has been a natural skill that has grown into much more over the years. Not only keeping her own life organized, she has also helped friends and family members find organizational solutions to fit their lifestyles. It wasn’t until she found how helpful her skills and knowledge could benefit others, that she ever thought she could make this a career.


Lauren believes that organization is a key factor in maintaining a happy and healthy, low-stress living environment. Her enthusiasm and desire to help others will make her the perfect match for any of your needs.



Meet Eileen Marshall


Eileen is originally from the Washington D.C. Area but has lived all over the world.  She keeps coming back to her hometown and is enjoys spending time with her family, including her dog Roxie.

Eileen has had previous careers in the fields of grant writing, fundraising and public relations, but her real love has always been organizing.  She owned her own professional organizing business but decided to move out of the area and had to leave her beloved clients.  But now she’s back and ready to pick up where she left off.  The organizing bug has never left her, and working with the team at Space Matters allows her to do even more with clients than when she was working alone.  Creating a serene and functional space, whether it’s a pantry, garage, kids room, or bathroom cabinet, is Eileen’s passion.  Her philosophy of organizing is that it is a dynamic process, not a goal achieved and completed.  Organizing needs change over time, just as our wardrobe changes as our bodies change.  Accepting that organizing is an ongoing process can alleviate much of the pressure to make things “perfect,” which can often stymie even the most motivated clients.   


Eileen’s priority is to create a space that pleases the client, and works for each client’s individual and unique needs, whatever they may be.










“Sometimes you have so much stuff that you have nothing” Karen Swain, CPO

cc NAPO-DC Member NAPO Golden Circle Member CPO Certified NSGCD Member Service Magic Seal of Approval Member of the BBB Member of Angie's List