Hoarding is not to be taken lightly.


People who hoard:

1. Accumulate, and then have great difficulty discarding objects that most other
people would consider useless or of limited value.
2. The clutter is so severe that it prevents or seriously limits the use of living spaces
in the manner for which those spaces were intended.
3. The clutter, acquiring, or difficulty discarding causes significant impairment or
distress. (Tolin, Frost et al, Buried in Treasures 11-13)


We have a comprehensive approach to dealing with the home of people who are
compulsive hoarders. We only deal with the accumulated stuff; however, we have
agreements with other companies who provide cleaning, hauling, chemical and
poison removal, pest control, appraisers, resellers, and doctors, therapists or social


We have worked with 100s of these types of homes — the owner of Space Matters is a specialist in Chronic Disorganiztion and Hoarding.


We work hands-on to bring the home back to a level of basic safety, at a minimum to county or city standards, or up to the desires of the client.


We will clear spaces to create a once again (or for the first time) functioning home.


We will help the person who hoards to learn how to decide what to discard, and strategies for not acquiring things to begin with. We strive not only to organize the home, but to leave lasting abilities to keep the house clutter free forever.


We can also work with the client’s family and friends.




What is this you ask?


Chronic Disorganization (CD) is when your clutter has been around for a long time, is currently hurting the quality of your life and you do not see a way to clear it in the future.


CD is clutter on steroids. It is Christmas and holiday ornaments hanging around into spring. CD is work piles on the couch, even though you retired two months ago. It is baby bottles next to the glassware and your youngest is now driving. It is buying new socks because you can not find a matching pair. Chronic disorganization is something that millions of people deal with everyday, and we’re ready to dive head-first into the pile.


“The difference between treasure and trash is time.” – Karen Swain

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